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The Rounds 4 Research program was designed to address a critical shortage in turfgrass research funding by auctioning donated rounds of golf online. The program is administered by the Environmental Institute for Golf, the philanthropic organization of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.


Rounds 4 Research allows GCSAA chapters and turfgrass foundations to participate as fundraising partners with the vast majority of proceeds going back to those organizations. In this way, these organizations can direct the proceeds to specific projects that will have the most significant impact in their local areas.

Spring Update


Last winter is proof why we use fungicides on the golf course. The tees, greens, and fairways treated for snow mold disease in the fall turned out great this spring. Straw color circles in the rough, which were not treated, are results of the disease. Due to the long period of snow cover you probably saw snow mold in your lawn as well. The pictures below show the matted white mycelium and the black spores. A drag harrow was used to disrupt the matted turf to allow air into the turf canopy.

IMG_0731     IMG_0891


Greens have been rolled a handful of times and mowed. The winter cups have been removed.

IMG_0950     IMG_1080


Fairways being mowed for the first time.



Reclaiming tee box surface. It’s amazing how the size and shape of the tee boxes can change over one season due to the mowing operator.



Truck and pup of bunker sand being delivered.



Leveling driving range tee and filling divots.



The irrigation system has been filled. Last fall we had an issue with the sustain pump, after investigating we found a plastic bag had been sucked up in the pump. After further investigation we found that the screens in the pond had deteriorated and were not filtering properly. New screens will be installed once the lake level is down.

IMG_0108     IMG_1096


Bathrooms on the course are now open. Please notify the Pro Shop 656-1706 if you find anything wrong with the bathrooms.

image     image


Course update



The second half of the maintenance service road has been resurfaced. The road was widened across the bridge from ladies 8 tee box allowing larger vehicles to turn without leaving the road. The bridge railings will be added soon.


IMG_6005     IMG_6004



The weather didn’t cooperate for the Roundup tournament. Friday night there was a microburst of wind that went down the left side of #14 and across the dip of #16. We lost some large tree branches and two trees left of 14 green.

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Protect yourself and the turf!



Applying aerosol mosquito repellent and sunscreen is a great idea for golfer this time of year. However, you can see exactly where this person stood when applying the repellent or sunscreen and the significant damage it caused to the turf. The best location to apply these types of products without damaging turf is while standing on the cart path. Thank You.

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# 8 Bridge

IMG_4769     IMG_5635


The second half of the asphalt maintenance road will be resurfaced soon. To prepare for the road, the bridge on #8 has been resurfaced first to allow for proper drainage.

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Golf Course Update



The Cove Irrigation Ditch has finally arrived. Cove Ditch comes out of the Yellowstone River between Columbus and Park City. The Cove runs through the golf course and is our primary source for irrigation water. Our two storage ponds are full and we are breathing a sigh of relief knowing we won’t have to buy city water this year. The past few years we were forced to purchase city water until the irrigation water arrived. Click on the map above to see how all the ditches run through town.




We were able to locate the leak in the High Ditch pipe as mentioned in a previous blog. The pipe has been repaired and we are able to pump from our secondary source of irrigation water.



IMG_5625    IMG_5626


The bathrooms are back open on the front 9. The city water line going into the bathroom started leaking left of # 8 blue tee box. The water line comes from the South end of Ben Hogan Lane, under the ditch behind 7 green and under 8 blue tee. There have been a handful of repairs made to this plastic pipe over the last 10 years.

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Hail Storm

IMG_5560     IMG_5553


It’s amazing how fast a storm can blow through and leave such a big mess. The hail storm on Saturday tore leaves off the trees and left dimples on the greens. On Monday we cleaned up as much of the leaves as possible and topdressed the greens. The topdressing helps fill in the dimple and smooth up the surface. As many storms as we have been through, we have to keep the attitude, it could have been worse.

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High Ditch Irrigation Water



The High Ditch irrigation water has arrived. The High Ditch is located a mile away from YCC. We pump from 62nd street to the pond left of # 2. The 40hp pump is capable of pumping about 1 million gallons in 24 hrs. In 2011 a pole barn was constructed over top of the pipe and we were forced to reroute it. We have been pumping for a couple of days; unfortunately the pipe has blown apart and must now be repaired before we can continue.


The High Ditch comes off of the Big Ditch above Laurel Golf Course. The Big Ditch comes from the Yellowstone River between Columbus and Park City. Click on the map above to see how all the ditches run through town. The Cove Irrigation Ditch, which runs through the golf course, should be coming soon.

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Leveling Tee Boxes




After topdressing with sand


Dragging sand with metal beam




The par 3 tee boxes become uneven because of the number of divots taken in order to hit the shot. This week we started the process of leveling the tee surface. We start the process by topdressing the with sand. Next we drag a metal beam around the tee as seen in the picture above. The beam lays perfectly flat which allows the sand to fill any voids in the surface. This process needs to be continued a number of times before they are completely level.

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Week in Review

IMG_5200     IMG_5199


It has been a busy week maintaining the golf course. The greens were aerified with a solid tine on Monday. In the spring we use a solid tine that just pokes holes in the greens verses a hollow tine which pulls a plug. Aerification is a very important step in maintaining healthy greens and we understand it is a process the golfers don’t enjoy. This year we aerified the greens about a month earlier than normal due to nice weather and a busy tournament schedule. In a week or two the greens will have healed completely and you will be enjoying a great golf season.




We also received a truck load of white bunker sand. The sand we currently use comes from Emmett Idaho. The trucks that are used are for hauling grain which dump out the bottom. The truck dumps a line of sand then move out of the way so we can push it in to the sand bin with our backhoe. This would be easier if the trucks dumped out the back; however the trucking company we use schedule it so they are always transporting a full load. This eliminates us having to pay for trucking in two directions.




The last section of haul road from # 3 green rock wall was also prepared and sodded.


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