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New Maintenance Building

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The new building replacing 4 small sheds at the maintenance facility is coming along nicely. The concrete footing, walls, and slab are done and the 2×4 walls are going up.


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Course Update



The blue tee markers on the par 3’s have been moved to winter tee locations. This keeps the turf on the blue tees from getting beat up all winter by play since this is where most of the play occurs.




Greens, collars and approaches have all been topdressed. The sand adds some protection to the turf plant during the winter.

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Irrigation System Blown Out

IMG_4742 IMG_4753


The irrigation system has been blown out for the season. We rent an air compressor for a day and a half in order to blow as much of the water out of the system as possible. This process is very important to prevent irrigation pipes from freezing. Although the weather was nice the first few hours it didn’t last long before it started snowing.

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Winter Plugs



Three new holes have been cut in the greens for winter play. We time this before the ground freezes and we are no longer able to get a cup cutter in the ground. Two of the three holes are plugged with a rubber cap to keep the edge from breaking down. The last couple of year’s animals were disappearing with the plugs so the plugs are now nailed down. Please don’t rotate the pin to a new location, we will do that as needed.

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Course Bathrooms

IMG_4738    image


The golf course bathrooms are closed for the season.

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Winter Fungicides



It’s that time of year when we start applying our winter fungicides to tees, fairways, and greens. The painted green line in front of the greens are a reference for our applications. Different fungicides are applied on each side of the line at different times. This line insures we apply fungicides in the proper location without skips or overlaps.


IMG_0733     IMG_0892


The disease we are concerned with over the winter is pink and gray snow mold. After the snow cleared off last spring we saw a lot of gray snow mold in the rough, which we don’t treat. Gray snow mold is easy to identify by the black fungal bodies called sclerotia as seen in the picture above.

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Wind Wind Go Away!

IMG_4572     IMG_4553



This past week has been very windy! As you can imagine this makes it very difficult to clean up leaves on the golf course. Please be patient as we are not efficient at cleaning up when the wind blows. The weather towards the end of the week looks better.

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New Intake Screens

IMG_4520     IMG_4517



If you have played lately you’ve noticed how low the lake level is on #8. We pumped it down in order to replace the irrigation intake screens. Timing of this project was critical! We needed to plan it when irrigation wasn’t needed on the golf course but before the Cove irrigation ditch was shut down for the winter in order to fill back up. Everything went smooth and the new screens have been installed and appear to be working great.

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Frost Delay



Frost can be seen on spring and fall mornings when temperatures are near or below freezing. The ice crystals that form on the outside of the plant can harden or even freeze the cells of the plant. When the cells are damaged by walking or driving over the turf, the plant loses its ability to function normally. The damage may not be apparent right away but within 24 hours you will see the turf turn off color until the plant recovers.


Foot Traffic Pic


The picture above was a study that shows a group of 4 golfers and each step they took while playing this green. You can see how much damage would be caused from one group if they ignored the frost delay. When there is a frost delay please be patient because there is nothing we can do until the frost has melted.

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Practice Green

IMG_4142     IMG_4143

IMG_4163     IMG_4164


The artificial turf between the practice green and bunker collects a lot of the sand splash, however some ends up on the green. The sand begins to build up over time raising the green height and changing the contours of the green. Strips of sod were cut out of the green and sand was removed in order to get it back to the proper height.

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